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Newsline: U.S. Ambassador Injured in Cycling Accident in Greece

U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt returned to Athens after an accident while cycling in Mani, southern Greece, on July 5. In a tweet, the ambassador thanked the Areopoli Health Center staff and for well-wishers. “A big thank you to Areopoli Health Center staff for excellent care I received after my recent cycling accident in Mani & thank you to all my Greek friends who called to say perastika. I’m unhappy it cut my trip short but look forward to returning to Athens on my road to recovery,” he said. (https://www.thenationalherald.com/252547/us-ambassador-injured-in-cycling-accident-in-mani/) According to information of the Athens-Macedonian News Agency in Patras, Pyatt was transferred from Areopoli to Athens in an ambulance accompanied by a doctor after injuries sustained on his legs. Well-wishers included Foreign Minister Giorgos Katrougalos, who spoke to him by phone.


Newsline: Greece, North Macedonia open embassies after name deal

Greece has upgraded its diplomatic mission to North Macedonia’s capital of Skopje to an embassy, following a deal to normalize relations with its neighbor — which renamed itself from Macedonia. A foreign ministry statement says Greece is also upgrading its representation in North Macedonia’s southern town of Bitola to a general consulate. (https://www.foxnews.com/world/greece-north-macedonia-open-embassies-after-name-deal) May 31 statement added that North Macedonia has upgraded its mission in Athens to an embassy and in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki to a general consulate. The two countries this year ended a decades-long dispute over Greece’s neighbor’s name. Athens long claimed that plain “Macedonia” implied claims on its own northern region of the same name and on ancient Greek heritage.

Newsline: Greek Anarchists Vandalize U.S. Ambassador’s Home

Greek anarchists vandalized the Athens home of the United States ambassador with black paint on May 15, according to the police, in the latest protest against the authorities’ rejection of a convicted terrorist’s request for a furlough. The vandals defaced Ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt’s home about 4 a.m. before fleeing on motorcycles, a police official said. Eight people were briefly detained for questioning before being released without charge because of a lack of evidence linking them to the vandalism. (https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/15/world/europe/greece-anarchists-us-ambassador.html) It was the second attack this year on Mr. Pyatt’s residence: In January, the home was vandalized to protest the United States’ support for Greece’s deal to recognize Macedonia on the condition it changed its name to North Macedonia. Anarchists defaced the embassy in the same month, protesting “American imperialism.”

Newsline: Anarchists Break Into Switzerland’s Embassy in Athens

Members of the Rubicon anarchist group stormed the Swiss Embassy building in Athens on Monday morning. Ten people have been detained so far, the Greek AMNA news agency reported. According to police, as cited by the news agency, the embassy’s staff and private security officers said they are not looking to press charges against the anarchists (https://sputniknews.com/europe/201902181072530040-rubicon-anarchist-group-greece-switzerland-embassy/). Therefore, it is highly likely that the detained will be released. This is not the first time Rubicon has carried out such an attack. For instance, on 21 October, the group targeted the Embassy of Canada in Athens, breaking glass doors near the entrance. Moreover, it previously attacked the embassies of Spain, France, Germany, Iran, and Israel. Despite the international community’s requests, authorities have failed to stop the attacks.

Newsline: Russia and Greece resolve diplomatic spat

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Friday drew a line under a row in the summer that saw Athens expel Russian diplomats, following a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “We need to look forward… this case is over,” Tsipras told journalists after two hours of talks with Putin at the Kremlin. The Russian president repeated denials that Moscow had been attempting to meddle in Greece’s relations with Macedonia, which led to the expulsions. “I want to emphasise that we did not agree then and we do not agree now with the grounds for the expulsions of our diplomats,” he said. Moscow and Athens have historically close ties but these were tested in July when Greece expelled two Russian diplomats and barred two more from entry. Russia in turn threw out two Greek diplomats and a planned visit to Greece by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in July was called off.


Newsline: Canadian embassy assaulted in Greece

The gang of 10 smashed the entrance window with the weapons and rushed the building. They then splashed red and black paint onto the facade before fleeing the scene when a security guard called police. It is reported no arrests have been made at this stage. An anarchist collective Rouvikonas, the Greek word for Rubicon, has claimed responsibility for the attack. According to the group, it was carried out in response to the activities of a Canadian mining company in northern Greece. CCTV footage showed the group of attackers had their faces covered and parked their motorbikes at a supermarket around 150 metres away. Cops reportedly questioned one man in the area but he is understood to have been released. The country’s foreign ministry have condemned the attack and said it would not impact the “enduring friendship” between Greece and Canada. Rouvikonas have conducted similar raids on the embassies of Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia along with targeting government offices and foreign companies.


Newsline: Greek Anarchists Target Iranian Embassy In Athens

A group of anarchists has attacked the Iranian Embassy in Athens to protest Tehran’s treatment of its Kurdish population, Greek authorities say. Police officials said that about 10 people armed with iron bars early on September 17 smashed windows in the embassy’s waiting room and threw red paint into the courtyard. Nobody was reported hurt in the attack. In a statement posted on the Internet, the anarchist Rubicon group claimed it carried out the attack in a gesture of solidarity with the “Kurds of Iran.” The group has carried out a series of similar attacks in Greece in recent years, targeting embassies, companies, and public buildings. The latest attack in Athens comes days after activists targeted the Iranian Embassy in Paris, throwing objects and smashing windows at the building.