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Newsline: Knife attacker shot dead outide Iranian embassy in Vienna

Heightened security measures have been ordered at embassies and other diplomatic buildings in Vienna after a soldier stationed outside the residence of the Iranian ambassador to Austria shot dead a man who tried to stab him, police said on Monday. The 26-year-old assailant’s motive for the attack, which took place around 11:30 p.m. (2230 GMT), was unclear and video footage would be reviewed, a police spokesman said. “The attacker stabbed the soldier repeatedly. He was only saved by a stab-proof vest,” the spokesman said, adding that the two men ended up grappling on the ground. “The soldier defended himself well and was then able to reach for his service weapon and fire shots,” he added.



Newsline: Four arrested after balcony protest at Iranian embassy in London

Four people were arrested after they climbed on to a first-floor balcony of the Iranian embassy in London and waved flags in an apparent protest against the government in Tehran. The four were arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage and being unlawfully on diplomatic premises, a spokeswoman for London’s Metropolitan Police said. No one was hurt during the incident and the four were arrested when they came down voluntarily after around three hours. Iran’s ambassador to Britain, Hamid Baeidnejad, tweeted that all staff at the embassy were safe.


Newsline: Turkey summons Russian, Iran’s ambassadors

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian and Iranian ambassadors claiming that the Syrian government forces had “violated the ceasefire in the Idlib de-escalation zone,” a source in the ministry told reporters. “On January 9, the Russian ambassador was summoned to our Foreign Ministry, we voiced our reaction and concerns in this regard, also asking him to convey the information to the regime in order to make it stop such actions,” the source said. According to him, Iran’s ambassador was also summoned to the Turkish Foreign Ministry as Iran is another guarantor of the Syrian ceasefire. The Russian embassy in Ankara has not issued any comments yet.



Newsline: Iranian Embassy sayd Tehran not using South Africa as recruiting ground

The Iranian Embassy in Pretoria has categorically denied that Tehran is using South Africa as a ground for recruiting agents to carry out attacks on Israel. The embassy told the African News Agency (ANA) in a press statement that it strongly denied reports in the South African media last week following a press release from the Israeli Embassy in Pretoria, based on an intelligence report by Israel’s domestic intelligence agency the Shin Bet, that a three-man cell with South African and Iranian links had been arrested in the West Bank. The media reports stated that three Palestinians were arrested by Israeli security forces, among them the main suspect, a 29-year-old computer engineering student named Mohammed Maharmeh from the Hebron area in the southern West Bank. According to the Shin Bet, Maharmeh was recruited into Iranian intelligence by a relative, Bahar Maharmeh, who resides in South Africa.



Newsline: Dutch arrest eight for attacking Iran embassy

Eight people have been detained in The Hague after they broke into the Iranian embassy and threw projectiles at the building, police said. The suspects were arrested and accused of a variety of offences including sedition, disrupting public order, attempted arson and unauthorised entry, police spokeswoman Hilda Vijverberg told AFP. Footage on public broadcaster NOS shows a group of men shouting “Death to the Islamic Republic” in Farsi, climbing the barrier into the embassy compound and hurling what were probably eggs or pebbles at the building. Dozens of protesters staged demonstrations in The Hague and Amsterdam against the Iranian regime.



Newsline: Security precautions tightened around Russian embassy in Tehran

Extra security precautions have been taken around the Russian embassy in Tehran. “The local diplomatic police have tightened security,” a source at the embassy said. “Reinforced police cordons can be seen around the premises. Inside the embassy certain entry restrictions have been introduced.” He described the situation in Tehran as “stable on the whole.” “There were some demonstrations in the city on January 2, but we did not see them,” he said.



Newsline: Iran Summons Swiss Ambassador Over US Envoy’s ‘Irresponsible’ Missile Claim

Iran has responded to US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley’s statements concerning the evidence, the Trump administration allegedly has, proving that the Islamic republic had violated UN resolutions by exporting weapons to Houthi rebels in Yemen. “Iran’s strong protest at (Nikki) Haley’s baseless and provocative claim was conveyed to the Swiss ambassador,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said as quoted by Tasnim news agency. Iran, via the Swiss ambassador in Tehran, expressed protest over US statements, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi has explained. “In protest against irresponsible statements by the US ambassador to the United Nations, the Swiss ambassador in Tehran was summoned to the Foreign Ministry, where Iran’s official protest was expressed to him regarding the ungrounded accusations by Nikki Haley,” the ministry said.