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Newsline: Trinidad and Tobago staff at Embassy in Venezuela concerned about security

Staff at the Trinidad and Tobago Embassy in Venezuela have expressed concerns about their security, reported Foreign Affairs Minister Dennis Moses. He was responding to a question in the House on the reasons for the recall of staff at the TT Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela in early 2019. He replied: “The situation in Venezuela is one that warrants close and continuous monitoring to ensure proper and ongoing management of the relations between Trinidad and Tobago and that country.” (https://newsday.co.tt/2019/06/10/tt-staff-at-embassy-in-vzuela-concerned-about-security/) Moses said it is a practice of foreign ministries to avail themselves of this option when the situation dictates and when the issues to be addressed are of particular concern to the Government of a sending state. “Given the ongoing issues in Venezuela, it was deemed necessary to undertake such consultations with staff of the TT Embassy in Venezuela. Significantly it gave the ministry the opportunity to address concerns relating to the security and well-being of staff and their families.”

Newsline: Body found in Trinidad and Tobago may be El Salvador embassy worker’s

The body of a man was found in bushes on Warren Road, Cunupia in a Toyota Fortuner SUV. While police have not confirmed an identity as yet, they believe the dead man could be Jose Tito Rivas, an El Salvador Embassy driver. Cunupia police got a report yesterday, at around 9 am, about a car found on the road near some bushes. When they checked, they found the body wrapped in a sheet in the car. The car, which had the registration number PCM 321, is said to be registered to the El Salvador Embassy, where Rivas worked. Rivas was also reported missing, and was last seen in St James according to police. Calls to the embassy went to voice mail.


Newsline: Fake Trinidad and Tobago’s Embassy busted in Nigeria

A fake embassy operated by two Chinese and two Nigerians has been uncovered by men of the Nigerian police attached to Rapid Response Squad (RRS) in Lagos state. Prior to the clampdown, the fake embassy located at Golden Point and Suite on Duduyemi Street in Ejigbo, Lagos issued Trinidad and Tobago’s visas. The RRS arrested operators of the fake embassy are two Chinese – Liu Honyang, 47; and Sun Xinai, 49 – and their Nigerian collaborators – Oriyomi Olawale, 47 and Desmond Chinedu, 25. Several victims revealed that the fake embassy had scammed unsuspecting Nigerians of their money.


Newsline: Trinidad and Tobago’s diplomat robbed, assaulted in Mexico

Trinidad and Tobago’s Ambassador to the United States, former vice-chief of Defence Staff Brigadier General Anthony Phillips-Spencer, his wife and an unnamed assistant were robbed and assaulted in Mexico City, Mexico’s Televisa reported. Phillips-Spencer and company were robbed of cash, jewelry, their mobile telephones and passports. The ambassador reported the incident to the Cuauhtémoc public prosecutor’s office. According to Mexican law enforcement, one suspect has already been arrested in relation to the robbery.


Newsline: Japanese Embassy to Trinidad and Tobago issues safety warning

The Japanese Embassy to Trinidad and Tobago has issued a warning for all Japanese nationals planning to visit the country, after the death of Asami Nagakiya, 30. The warning briefly explained that Nagakiya had been found dead under a tree on the western side of the Queen’s Park Savannah. “As the rate of violent crimes has increased over the last few years, to avoid encountering any unexpected treats to personal safety, please minimise any unnecessary night time outings.” the Embassy said. The warning added that if persons had to go out at night in emergencies, persons should be aware of their surroundings and exercise caution at all time. In a report on TV6, a close friend of the Nagakiya’s, Yoichi Watanabe said he identified her body, while hoping all the while that the report he received was not about her.